Popunder Traffic

This is blurred entry console traffic. Popunders open and load in the background, so once the surfer sees your site, it's completely loaded and ready for viewing. Popunders are full page, scrollable, closable, and the only console opening. Traffic is sourced from our program at fpctraffic.com. These are perfect for feeding tube and CJ sites, for sending to cam sites (including white labels) and can be effective for use on casual adult dating sites.

Niche traffic availabilities are shown at the bottom of the page.

The rates below are for MINIMUM to MAXIMUM traffic delivery. Lower rates may be available for large volume purchases.

Filter Daily Hits Rate per 1000
Worldwide - run of network 9766 $0.63
Premium Countries Only list 873 $1.39
Tier3 Countries Only list 8854 $0.50 - $0.55
CN - China 8732 $0.50 - $0.55
DE - Germany 83 $1.40
FR - France 235 $1.40
GB - United Kingdom 52 $1.40
US - United States 400 $1.40

Filter Daily Hits Worldwide Traffic - Rate per 1000**

**Rate for country specific niche popunder traffic is the country rate plus $0.40

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