Plug Traffic

Plugs are a type of Native Ad. A thumbnail (usually 300 x 225 pixels) is displayed with represents the content on your video page. The clicks received are highly effective as the visitor is already prepared for your content. Plugs are great for driving high-quality traffic to tube sites, and to gallery pages of paysites, and to specific pages on cam sites.

The rates below are for MINIMUM to MAXIMUM traffic delivery. Lower rates may be available for large volume purchases.

Filter Daily Clicks Rate per 1000
CA - Canada 10 $0.90
CH - Switzerland 12 $0.90
DE - Germany 18 $0.90
GB - United Kingdom 14 $0.90
IN - India 10 $0.90
US - United States 64 $3.00
VN - Viet Nam 20 $0.90

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